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Our Japan-focused fund of funds and custom-made separate accounts aim to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of buyout and turnaround deals in the small to mid cap sector.

Our recommendation is that clients make 6 to 8 primary investments to Japan-focused funds and opportunistically add secondaries and deal co-investments over 3 to 4 years. We recommend a portfolio of 40 to 60 small to mid cap transactions, diversified along the following lines:

  • Strategy: buyouts/turnarounds/ventures
  • Size: micro cap/small cap/mid cap
  • Sector: cyclical/non-cyclical, export/domestic, etc.
  • Investment instruments: equity/preferred/mezzanine/debt
  • Vintage: 3 to 4 year investment period, use of secondaries
  • Cash flow: use of secondaries, co-investments, mezzanine and debt investments